XYZ Carve – From the open source X-Carve Design

XYZ Carve


3DTeks XYZ-Carve – Built to the design of X-Carve – with some mods.

The XYZ Carve has made some changes from the open source X-Carve design.


1) No more self tappers.


    • This is not a nice solution for tapping the rail and its not too hard for us to pre tap your makerslide so this is how the kits will ship from now on.  


    • No more sourcing and possibly snapping taps, no more ramming self tappers down the slide. Simply use the M5*12 Button Head screws like the good old Shapeoko2 days.

    2)  Supplied with GRBL AIO not Syntheos G-Shield or Inventables X-Controller


    The Gshield only has 3 drivers, we have 4 motors.  This was fine (sort of) back in the SO2 days when little NEMA 17 motors were driving these things, but we cant hope to run two NEMA 23 Y motors of the one driver when these DRV88XX based drivers are really only just big enough for a single motor.
    The X Controller is not an open source product, and also includes 240V wiring and a Non Australian approved 240V power supply – and for these reasons is not 
      3) No terminal blocks.  We have steppers made specially for us with 5 meters of fly lead so there is no need for the terminal block connections.  


      4) ACME Z Axis ACME Modification – 


        • You need a lead screw, using M8 thread is unacceptable and over time will destroy the lead nut and provide to much resistance amongst other reasons.
        • The official Acme upgrade has been fixed, a bit but should really have used a second flanged bearing and plate on the bottom so you can minimise backlash in the design and ensure it runs true.  
      • You have an extra plate and flanged bearing to install at the base of the Z maker-slide

            Z Acme Setup with Makita Style 65mm Mount

            Please note that this is not a supported configuration by the XCarve Community so if you have questions relating to the build of the machine,  do email us before harassing the official forum;)

            Note also that the video above shows two clamps – generally only a single is used (and supplied) as the double setup can restrict the depth that the router is inserted into the machine