3DTek & Hind Collaboration – Sharing with the Community at Makerspace & Co

Last week Masso and 3DTek.xyz collaborated to donate and commission 3DTek’s Heavy Mill powered by Masso’s Technology’s Masso controller at MakerSpace&Co in Marrickville.


MakerSpace&Co is a place for locals to participate in the culture of making, and for visitors to experience the best in Australian Design across furniture, ceramics, metalwork, woodwork, industrial design and more.

It’s a really exciting project to equip MakerSpace&Co with a new addition to their already comprehensive and growing toolkit. We are very excited to see what the MakerSpace&Co team and members will do with the CNC Machine.  Soon MakerSpace&Co will offer CNC routing to their great range of classes and workshops!

The power of the Masso Masso Controller will enable users to operate the machine without the need for any complicated software configurations or a computer at all.   The extremely versatile Masso controller can be retrofitted to most any Lathe, Mill or Plasma and is a perfect solution to control machines of your own design – lending a clean and professional CNC interface to any machine. They are simple to setup, robust and easy to use and most interestingly remove from you the burden of running a dedicated machine, finding one with parallel ports, software licensing, complicated software installations and limitations – go Masso!

To find out more about MakerSpace&Co, visit the Website, drop them an email, and organise a time to pop in there to find out more about this awesome community space.

Note: Please don’t call on MakerSpace&Co for support or enquires regarding the Masso or Heavy Mill these can be directed to 3DTek.xyz and Masso