Where it all began..

Starting as one of, if not the first, supplier of hobby level CNC Routers Australia back in early 2011, 3DTek Australia has long since moved into the industrial market.  Initially through providing commissioning, training and parts for generic imported CNC equipment that had no local support and eventually designing our own industrial equipment and controls.

Supplying cost effective equipment to industry is only part of our offering. 3DTek take it one step further with our support.  Our initial training not only covers operating the machines, we offer follow up tech support and product design support. Ultimately we want your machine to be dirty and in use producing your parts every day, not sitting shiny like the day it was commissioned, and so we will work with you until you are comfortable with the equipment.

Our machines, generally, use all Australian designed and manufactured CNC control systems with local warranties and support.  Wired to Australian standards with respected industrial servo systems all tested to perform and warranted for use in production environments.

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Based in Peterborough, UK

3DTEK UK opened its doors to the public Summer 2019 at the Makers Central exhibition in England. Our UK workshop is in Cambridgeshire and we are fully equipped to support all regions in Europe, The Americans and Further afield. Please contact us for more information.