CNC Router Product Comparison

At 3DTEK, our goal is to ensure that home and in-house manufacturing is available to as many enthusiasts as possible.

We package and supply all of our products and components in kit form, which means that both space and weight are minimised.

We’ve sold our machines across the globe, and we’ve been able to forge a reputation for high-quality, great value and fantastic service.

Because we’re keen to encourage as many makers as possible to get into the world of home manufacturing, we’ve put together a comparison to help newbies and veterans alike decide which product would work best for them.

We’ll be comparing our own XYZ Carve, which is ideal for newcomers with the Heavy Mill CNC Router (which is usually used by those with more experience) and another popular option on the market known as the X-Carve.

  • Kit only price with control card, bracket, and plug (excludes router and wasteboard) USD price calculated from UK GBP price. Prices may vary across countries/zones.

Evolving with You

At 3DTEK all of our machines are designed to evolve as your requirements and skills change. We are always working hard to ensure that you have the options available to modify and enhance your CNC experience.

As a CNC router owner, the possibilities are truly endless, and you can upgrade and design your system to fit the items you wish to design around your skill level.

If you’re looking to customise an existing configuration or you’re looking for something completely bespoke, then let us know. Likewise, if you have any questions about the products, we’ve compared above, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or join our community for more information.