CNC Crash Course


We are frequently asked where to go for a crash course on CNC and until now there has not been a very good answer.

Excitingly for Sydney siders,  Makerspace & Co are now offering a CNC course using the 3Dtek Heavy Mill with Masso Controller.

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If anyone comes across similar courses in other states or around the world, please let us know so that we can detail them here!



What does the course cover:


  • Essential skills to create 3D files in Fusion 360 which you can then cut on the router: Introduction to Fusion 360 to sketch, design, model and create tool paths for the CNC router.
  • Full induction on use of the CNC router including set up, safety, tool changes, homing, zeroing and running files.
  • Calculating feeds and speeds using Gwizard Calculator software.
  • Selecting suitable router bits for your specific use case.
  • Techniques for double-sided machining.

At the conclusion of the class, students will be assessed on their level of competency with Fusion 360 and their operation of the CNC router. Upon demonstrating competency, students may use the CNC router independently for their own projects with Membership to MakerSpace and in accordance with Makerspace CNC rules.