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GRBL AIO Configuration Pre V1.I

This post is about configuring the GRBL AIO Versions 1.G and EARLIER!  – for versions 1.I + please see GRBL AIO Configuration   Main Connections Detailed Fuse – 5x20mm – Suggested 10A 5mm Diameter x 20mm Length.  This fuse acts on the 12-36V motor power circuit. 12-36V DC power in.  The DRV8825 Drivers can actually handle up […]

Replacing DOA Chinese 3020, 6040, 6090 style CNC Router Electronics – Introduction have now replaced or supplied replacement electronics for around 100+ 3020, 6040, and other Chinese routers with Dead on Arrival (DOA) Electronics.

It does not appear to be slowing down and so instead of helping on a one on one basis, we will now write up each repair/replacement so that eventually we have a list of the issues and fixes for each of the models.