CNC Milling Software / Workflow

So you have or are thinking of getting a shiny new Computer Numeric Control (CNC) router, but are unsure of the workflow and skills you will need?Workflow: The general workflow is CAD => CAM => Stream to CNC machine.

CAM: Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAM (for our purposes) in short is the process of applying tool path information to your CAD designs and generating G-Code which is the instructions you send to the CNC machine.    G-Code are basic text commands, so eventually you can write your own if so inclined

Xcarve / Shapeoko Driver Settings, Motor Directions and Homing Cycles

We get lots of questions about tuning motor drivers and setting directions so … here goes with a blog post covering the topic.  Its a long read and may seem like too much information…but please persist – its good to know whats happening here as when things aren’t working right and you have the theory… you can fix it. 

After you have wired up the X-Carve/Shapeoko/Ox or similar CNC machine running GRBL,  there will be some settings to update and tuning of the machine required. This is regardless of whether you are using the G-Sheild, CNC-shield, or another electronics setup.

Steps we will cover:

  1. Setting Driver(s) Current
  2. Setting Jogging motor Directions
  3. Setting Homing Motor Directions
  4. Testing Homing Sequences – This section coming soon!
  5. Calibrating the steps per/mm of each axis. This section coming soon!